Skype Sessions

Skype Sessions: this is mainly for Professionals and out of Province/International students who would like to improve their French. We 
offer flexible times and days that fits nicely in your busy schedule.
  • These are similar to the one-to-one weekly sessions described under Courses and fees, but provided in a more flexible forum.
  • Sessions allow adults to be on business trips or out of the country and still be able to continue their lessons.
  • Students can get extra support without leaving their home.
  • For Middle school & High School students, Undergraduates, and Adults. For younger students, special arrangement can be
  • made, contact us for more info!
  • Need to have completed basic French, these sessions are for levels who want to improve/maintain their French. 
  • Access to a computer with Skype software will be required. 
  • Duration: 45 min 
  • Fees: $35 to $45 depending on the request and preparation time
  • Payment done through Paypal for International students US funds
  • If you are Canadian resident, payment is done through e-mail money transfer (direct e-transfer) CA funds.
  • As of January 1st 2016, a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $17 is required.
  • For special requests, an extra fee may be applied up to $45 and this will be discussed during registration.
Weekly lessons or on demand lessons are available depending on the needs of the student. Please inquire to determine what time
slots are available.  

Skype is for remote students, augmented with online tools to facilitate learning and comprehension.  

*fees and content subject to change without notice.