Pictures and Gifts from Students

End of the year gift from gd 7 
student (Central Middle School)

Homemade bird house from grade 4 student
(Quadra Elementary) 2017

Gift from adult student Tanya.

End of tutoring gift from adult student Catherine.

Christmas gift from Adult student.

Homemade ornaments from grade 1 student
(Sir James Douglas).

Wonderful gift offered by Canadian Parents For French
Sooke chapter for volunteering
as Panel Judge Concours d'art oratoire. (2014)

Christmas gift from long-term grade 2 student (Sir
James Douglas). (2014)

Christmas gift from grade 2 student (Campus View
elementary) (2015)
End of tutoring thank you gift from a University of Victoria
student (2016)

Madame Ghanem with the president of Canadian Parents
For French-Sooke chapter, as volunteer Panel Judge (2016).

Thank you gift from a student from the University of Victoria (2017)

Thank you cards from students.

This is our cat Gingembre, she enjoys sitting at the table with
the students during the lesson. If she could talk, she probably
could conjugate verbs by now-
(if you do not like cats or have allergy please let us know).

Who is this? The students have voted! We now welcome our VicFrench Tutoring Mascots Monsieur Vincent and Mademoiselle Julie.
Bienvenue !

Christmas gift from grade 7 SMUS student

Gift from grade 1 student & Mom for mother's day
(Sir James Douglas).

Thank you end of the year gift
from grade 2 student, knitted by Mom! (2015)

Christmas gift from VicFrench Tutoring Alumni student (2015)

End of the Tutoring School year 2015-16 gift from grade 2 student (Quadra Elementary)

Thank you gift from grade 7 SMUS student (2016 Summer tutoring)

St-Valentine treat from grade 7 Central Middle School student (2017)
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