French Services

Personal Bilingual Administrative Assistant to Entrepreneurs:

For those feeling overwhelmed with all the Administrative chores that need to be done and cannot keep up. Focus is on (and not limited to):

  • scheduling
  • email sorting/filtering/responding
  • Invoices/Receipts (making sure you are paid on time!)
  • Maintenance of Social Media tracking and monitoring (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
  • Maintenance of Advertising/Marketing
  • Bill payments if required, account reconciliation  
  • Regular update of expense spreadsheet
  • Transcription
  • Branding
  • This can be face-to-face or remotely
  • Due to the nature of the work, a Privacy policy/confidentiality agreement will be presented within the contract
  • Contracts are initially on a month-to-month basis, an open contract can also be discussed. Madame Ghanem only can take a few clients at a time, contact for availability.
**If a more in-depth Marketing or Social Media needs to be set-up, recommendations will be made in finding the right services and the right people. Madame Ghanem is a strong supporter of Victoria businesses and has many connections with local businesses. 

Clients: Home office entrepreneurs (sole proprietorship), Authors, Artists, Seniors, Mom entrepreneurs etc

French for Business:

VicFrench offers more than Tutoring, it also can help Businesses address their French Clientèle. 

Businesses today deal with a complex work environment and communication, whether social media or verbal is a must to ensure a successful completion of any transaction or event. VicFrench can help ensure your French customers and event participants are well treated with the correct messages. 

Here are some of the services that can be provided:

Special Events - Coordination and hosting of events when participants are French speaking.

Reception - Conference event handling for receiving French delegations or participants.
Business Plans - Helping you get a plan in place to introduce French services for your business.

  Sylvie Brabant Ghanem holds a French Baccalauréat in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. She completed her academic studies at the private school Lycée Claudel in Ottawa ( Elementary and High School). 

While in Ottawa, she was involved on Council as Vice-Chair and at a Board level Council for the Ottawa Catholic School Board, worked on different non-profit organizations setting-up French preschool programs/playgroups for families of low income backgrounds.

In Victoria, she set-up her own registered and licensed Small Business, and would like to help others by bringing her own experiences to the table. 

On a personal level, Madame Ghanem has a passion for cooking, took a 6 week vegan cooking class in Seattle under Dr Neal Barnard's non profit organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She has done extensive reading and research on Naturopathic Medicine, has a keen interest in Art galleries and fashion. She has a weakness for Purdy's chocolates (no kidding!), and a fondness for cats!

 She is francophone, a wife and mother of three children, and strongly sees the importance of bilingualism in our beautiful country that is called Canada. She is looking forward meeting you!

Inquire on fees and pricing.